But My Blood Pressure is usually normal!

So Every time you measure your blood pressure at home its normal, but when you go for your Driver Medical it`s ridiculously high- quite the mystery, right?

Wrong; we know what it might be and we can help you out to make sure you only have to have your medical once!

Below are  hints to help you lower your numbers, and explain how we can help if that pesky pressure just goes up when you see a doctor – it needn`t mean a second medical.

Reasons your Blood Pressure Might be high;

First of all the bits that can`t be fixed quickly, but are well worth the attention; keeping yourself fit, keeping the belly in check, not smoking and not drinking too much will all help your blood pressure to stay at the lower end of the spectrum. A low fat diet and keeping the salt to a minimum will help too. If you decide to start a new exercise programme or diet to try to bring things down then its always worth checking in with your doctor first

Things you can do on the day;

Don`t have a coffee or energy drinks before your appointment

Don`t eat straight before your appointment

Make sure you arrive early- parking panics and satnav stress will up the pressure

I`ve tried that but I still failed!

Don`t Panic. First of all this is not the end of the world. If our doctor notices high blood pressure, then our first concern will be for your health- our doctor will let you know and send you to the GP. You can still submit your D4, but make sure you see your GP straight away- the DVLA will want to see that your GP has sorted the problem, they will write to your GP and ask them to resolve it- if you have been on the ball and got straight in touch with your GP, then the solution will already be in progress. 

This happens every year!

Don`t worry, we have seen this before! You might have “White Coat Hypertension”.

White Coat Hypertension is when your blood pressure rises in response to the measurement, we have discussed this with the DVLA and have an agreed solution.

If you know you get white coat hypertension then reply to your confirmation email well before your appointment and we will let you know what to do.

Have a recent reading? Check if your blood pressure is normal here 

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Ready to book? Check our clinics here- remember, if you think you might have white coat hypertension do let us know by replying to your confirmation email.