What can I expect during my appointment?

We will ask for an up to date prescription or list of any medication you take, including doses. We will ask for your weight in KG’s and your height in CMs – so it’s helpful to take of a note of this before you arrive.

Eye test – You will be asked to read an eye chart from top to bottom with each eye in turn without and with glasses or contact lenses if you wear them to drive.

Blood pressure – Your blood pressure will be monitored and up to 3 measurements will be taken, recording the best one. The DVLA requires blood pressure to be no higher than 180/100 – (this is correct as of 24/06/2022)

Heart – The Doctor will listen to your heart, before talking through your medical history and carrying out any necessary examinations with your consent.

Completion of forms – Your forms will be stamped and signed before being handed back to you to send to the DVLA and/or relevant council.

We strongly advise you to retain a copy of your forms, for your records, before you send them to the DVLA or relevant council. We also advise you send your forms to the DVLA or relevant council using a signed for service for proof of postage.