Providing your medical information

Getting your Medical records for your Driver Medical

Download the NHS App- its far easier than getting paperwork from your GP

Many councils demand that the doctor who sees you for your taxi driver medical must be your own GP, or must have access to your medical records. Councils are now beginning to understand that GPs are exceedingly busy and often will not complete driver medical forms- or if they do then they will charge you an exorbitant fee; we have seen horror stories of taxi drivers being quoted £150 or more to have their medical completed.

For HGV drivers this is not a problem as the DVLA is happy to accept private company medicals, which you can have with us for £50. Taxi drivers, however, remain at a distinct disadvantage.

The solution that most (but not all) councils will accept is for the private company doctor you see to be provided with a printed summary of the key points of your medical record. You can get this easily by asking your GP to provide it; as long as you are clear with them about your reason for requesting it, they should be happy to provide it. Another possibility- one which our clients have found far quicker and easier- is to download the NHS app and ask your GP to set up medical records access. This also means that you are not carrying around pieces of paper with your private medical information on it, so your details are safe.

You can also keep the app on your phone to help you manage prescriptions and appointments- far better than relying on getting in touch with a busy practice!

You can download the app by using your mobile phone browser to go here