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Your Driver Medical- Who are we?

We are a small, but rapidly growing company. We are dedicated to the professional provision of Driver Medicals to aspiring and existing professional drivers. Our company was started by a doctor and a taxi driver who, looking at the problem form different directions, both came to the same conclusion- that drivers were often badly treated and poorly served.

Having personally experienced attempting to find an appointment, suffering repeated cancellations and then having to be assessed in the back of a van in a layby, Kim- our former driver, was certain that things needed to change. Having provided Driver medicals in every environment from hotel meeting rooms to community halls, our medical director, Phill, agreed.

What we decided to do was to establish a company that is totally focussed on the job- we don`t do other things, this isn`t an add-on to another business model- its all we do. We wanted to run our appointments in upscale, clean, pleasant environments so that our clients feel looked after and valued.

We only ever cancel as a last resort, we talk to our customers as professionals and insist that all of our panel doctors act the same way. As far as our clients are concerned, the days of medicals in unkempt offices and backrooms are done.